X8 Drums, Wunder Audio and the Gretsch Drums Test Drive, Part 1

At X8 Drums, we are always happy to test out the newest lines of drums and hand percussion. As such, we were thrilled to not only test out three different Gretsch drum sets, but, we got to play with some new “toys” from Wunder Audio in the Wunderbar Room! In our 3-part series, we discover what the pros (Mark, Matt and Dave, of course!) say about these three brand new Gretsch drum sets (New Classic, Marquee, and Catalina Maple), as well as recording equipment and microphones from Wunder Audio!

Wunder Audio recently opened its Wunderbar Room in Austin, TX, giving musicians, producers, vocalists and drummers the chance to record on Wunder Audio equipment. Wunder Audio manufactures microphones, equalizers, recording consoles and accessories for top-quality sound in the studio and on stage. To say we were impressed with the Wunder facilities and all of the recording equipment does not give the whole experience justice.

After 10 Years Without Sound, Colorado Drummer Regains Hearing

After a 10-year hearing lost, drummer Doug Lagasse can hear
his music again with the help of a cochlear implant. 
For musicians, the ability to hear is just as essential as the ability to play an instrument. But imagine that one day your hearing vanishes, leaving you unable to hear the sound of your hand or drum stick hitting the head of a drum - a sound that was once deafening. Colorado drummer Doug Lagasse didn’t have to imagine it.

Lagasse lost his ability to hear 10 years ago as a side effect of medicine he was taking for cystic fibrosis treatment. As a musician, losing his hearing was hard because he couldn’t hear his music or the sounds around him that inspired his playing.

However, thanks to doctors at University of Colorado Hospital, Lagasse can hear again with the help of a cochlear implant. The cochlear implant is a small electronic device that helps restore hearing by providing a sense of sound. Lagasse told local news station 9News that most of the sounds he heard when doctors first turned on the device sounded like cartoon characters. But according to doctors, sounds, including his drum beats, will sound normal again in just a few weeks.

To Lagasse from all of us at X8 Drums, we’re so excited that your hearing is restored! We bet you can’t wait to rock out on your kit!

Enhancing and Tweaking Your Drum Set Sound

Playing drums is one of the greatest ways to express creativity, reduce stress and anxiety and just discover the rhythm inside us all. A drum set gives a drummer the ability to fine-tune the rhythmic experience by adding different drums, kick pedals, cymbals and percussion accessories, allowing for a wide range of sounds and tones that increase the impact of the beat or songs being played. Of course, there are still more ways to fine-tune a drummer’s sound while not continuing to purchase more drums or accessories – through tuning and dampening the drums themselves.

Versatile Drum Fill Lesson for Beginners

If you’re a seasoned drummer, you’re probably familiar with drum fills, and maybe you’ve even created a few fills of your own. If you’re a new drummer, you might be interested in learning how to play or create a drum fill, or you might not be sure what a drum fill is (and that’s ok!). A drum fill is basically a short rhythmic sound that fills the breaks between phrases of a melody to keep the listener’s attention. Drum fills are also great for getting in a mini-solo.

Whether you’re a seasoned or novice drummer, it’s important to learn and practice drum fills, as you’ll probably use them quite a bit. Self-taught drummer KJ Rias is known for his killer drum fills. They can be a bit advanced, but KJ Rias recently posted a drum fill lesson for beginners on Youtube that we couldn’t help but share. In the video, KJ Rias teaches the “6 Stroke Roll Kick-Pause Fill,” a drum fill he improvised in a previous video.

While the pattern is simple, it’s great for beginners (both to drumming and fills) and as a go-to fill. In the video description, KJ Rias says that it’ll work in almost any song or solo. It’s also easy to play around with and expand on, as KJ Rias demonstrates in the video.

Check out the lesson in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Video Lesson: How to Play Yankadi on Djembe

New to djembe playing or looking for a new rhythm to play? Allow us to introduce you to the Yankadi rhythm! Yankadi is one of the most popular djembe rhythms, and it’s pretty easy to pick up, making it perfect for beginner djembe drummers.

The Yankadi rhythm is said to originate from the Sosos in Lower Guinea. Traditionally a seduction dance for young women, the slow Yankadi rhythm was often played as young men and women demonstrated their dance moves for one another as a form of flirtation. Yankadi’s sultry rhythm inspired seductive dancing that was ideal for wooing potential spouses, as the way people moved their bodies said a lot about their worth and future potential. Others say the Yankadi rhythm originates from Burkina Faso, where it was played to let people know good places to settle, as “Yankadi” can be translated to “it is good here.”

Today, the Yankadi rhythm is played for a variety of social occasions, but it still tends to inspire seductive dancing in listeners.With its melodic cadence and seductive groove, the Yankadi is a favorite rhythm among both drummers and dancers, and we think it will be a favorite rhythm of yours, too. Find a sneak peek of our Yankadi lesson video below. If you like what you here and want to check out the full lesson, head over to www.x8drums.com.