Cajon Rhythm Tracks

Enjoy the diversity of cajon drumming with the tracks below provided by New York percussionist Jimmy Lopez.

Jimmy is an accomplished performing artist who is gifted in the exploration of music and experimentation of crossing modern melody with traditional ethnic instruments. Try some of these cajon rhythms yourself and see where the journey takes you!

Track Listing

1.Reggae One Drop Rhythm on Cajon
2.Reggae Steppers Rhythm on Cajon
3.Playing Cajon with Jazz Brushes
4.Jazz with Brushes and Heel Hits for Bass Drum
5.Brazilian Batucada Feel
6.Dancehall / Ragga Rhythm
7.Morocco, Northern African Belly Dance African Feel
8.Variation of Northern African or Arabic Belly Dance Feel
9.Moroccan Folkloric Gnawa Bass Drum Feel
10.West African 6/8 Rhythm on Cajon
11.Djembe Rhythm Adapting to Cajon
12.Rock Beat on Cajon
13.Rock 2
14.Rock 3, More progressive

Jimmy Lopez is a member of the Jessi Colasante band, Boom Box Repair Kit and the leader of his own musical group World Sound Traveler. He has also appeared on recordings for artists such as Marc Rizzo (Soulfly); Cruzando Banderas (Latin Rock), opera composer, Rubyana and many others. Find out more about Jimmy and his incredible passion for life and artistic creation at