How to Tune a Djembe

Djembe Buying Guide: Part 8, Tuning Your Djembe

Learn how to tune your rope tuned djembe. In this lesson you will get step by step instructions on how to create diamonds with the extra rope on your drum in order to tighten the drum head. Understand what a tuned djembe should sound like and get advanced instructions on how to create a second row of diamonds for drums that need extra tightening. Lastly you will learn how to wrap the extra rope around your drum once you finish tuning. Instruction by Kenya Masala.

  • Understand the difference between a tuned drum and an out of tune drum
  • Slow motion, close-up views on how to make a diamond
  • How to avoid rope burns on your drum
  • How a drum stick can make the tuning much easier
  • Over the shoulder views
  • When one row of diamonds is not enough, learn how to start a second row
  • Know when to stop tuning your drum
  • How weather can affect your drum
  • What to do with the extra rope when you are done tuning

Kenya MasalaThis video is instructed by Kenya Masala.

Sharing his love of rhythm and drumming within corporations, classrooms and communities, Kenya Masala is a recognized and respected trainer and facilitator across the country. Masala's original Rhythm Play!™ activity book and Zaboomba drumming programs introduce activities that integrate music within classroom and team development environments, and are accessible to teachers, educators and facilitators through easy-to-teach lessons that are adaptable to the ages and abilities of students and participants.